Great game of football to end the year

Last game of the year for the KOPA league  Sunday 18th December 2016  First Division  Olympia 4 St Panteleimon 3  A cracking game worthy of being the last game of the year with both teams playing tremendous open attacking football.  Olympia were leading one nil with almost the first touch of the match with a great strike from Hussein. Fifteen minutes later after some great team work from the left the Saints were able to equalise with Igkli Sevaj to make it 1-1.  Then it became great ding dong football with both teams continually attacking each others rearguard.

Olympia made it 2-1 when Paul Wright who shot and scored from the edge of the box.

Jack Smith equalised to make it 2-2 and just before the break Olympia regained the lead when Yamis scored with a great long distance shot.

In the second half chances galore were wasted by both teams but St Panteleimon pushed forward for the equaliser and in a ten minute glorious football spell they were rewarded with a equaliser scored by Igkli Sevaj. But more excitement was yet to come, when with almost the last kick of the game Yamis scored with a bouncy good equalising goal giving Olympia a 4-3 win over St Panteleimon

A brilliant classic KOPA League match to end the year on a good note.

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