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Andy 'Chelsea' Kyriacou & Lakis

Akhna FC was formed in 1983 by the result of many Akhniotes playing for other Cypriot teams. The main founders of the team were Kyriakos Kakoudis and Theodosis Pashouros. The history of Akhna FC is in two parts – 1983 to 2000 and then 2011 to the present.

The principles of the football committee in the first era had been throughout to bring together all the sons of first and second generation Akhniotes who play football. To also create an Akhna community within the Cypriot community in order to understand the tragic consequences our village- as well as other villages – suffered following the Turkish invasion in July/August 1974. We must never forget.

Our managers in the first era included Theodosis Pashouros who in the first two years promoted Akhna on both occasions from Division 2 to the Premier Division (3 tiers). Theodosis was followed by Harry, Varnavas, Tangi Banjo, Panny Panayiotou, John Sitton (from Leyton Orient), Andrew Panayi, Andy Kalli and in the final years by George Artimides and David Voskous.

In the modern era we again had as manager David Voskous in 2011/12 and Andrew “Chelsea” Kyriakou. Thanks must go to David who was instrumental in reforming Akhna in 2011.

Akhna has not been without its fair share of ups and downs. Trophies have included the Challenge cup in 1999 and finalists in 2000. Winning the Divisional Cup (D1) in 1988 and 1997 and being finalists (D2) in 1996.

In 1990 the Akhna FC Committee took the decision to form a youth team for the benefit of all the young Akhniotes in the community. It was also an aim to develop young talent to progress at the appropriate time to the senior team. The team was formed by George Killikita, Minos Perdios and Kikis Lingis. .During the period 1990 to 2000 the youth team won the double (league and cup) in 1999 and finalists in the youth cup in 1998.

Players have included Tangi Banjo who represented Nigeria in the world Cup. Akhna though, will always be remembered in the Cypriot league as the only club to have produced a full England international. Les Ferdinand joined the club as a 16 year old for two seasons before being signed by Hayes FC then onto QPR and the rest was history. Very impressive, strong and skilful it was clear to Akhna that Les would go onto greater things but we all underestimated how significant he would be in English football.

A big thank you must go to George Killikita who throughout the first era kept the team going both financially and organisationally under difficult circumstances.

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